Superwinch Certus Wireless Remote Control

Meet the most rigorously tested wireless remote on the planet: Superwinch Certus.  Designed for the FM band, Certus does not suffer from interferrance that can cause a dangerous run-on situation.  In fact, Certus is so smart, both the receiver and remote talk to one another and if that communication is interrupted on either end, the system safely stops.  No other remote is as advanced nor worth your money like the Superwinch Certus.

Certus is designed to be Plug and Play - that makes installation a snap.  Simply plug the receiver into the Superwinch's socket and you're ready to be wirelessly winching.

As you would expect, Superwinch Certus is rated to IP67 and is excellent at keeping out water.  The remote even floats!


 Certus Model Fits 
06714 Superwinch Talon Series (all)
06716 Superwinch Terra Series (all)
06718 Superwinch S Series (all)
06724 Superwinch Tiger Shark (9,500/11,500 +SR versions), Superwinch LP Series (all)

European Frequency Units:
 Certus Model Fits 
06715 Superwinch Talon Series (all)(Europe)
06717 Superwinch Terra Series (all)(Europe)
06719 Superwinch S Series (all)(Europe)
06725 Superwinch Tiger Shark (9,500/11,500 +SR versions)(Europe), Superwinch LP Series (all)(Europe)