superwinch winch-x9 12v , 1901c


When most people say, "I want a winch made in the USA" they usually mean they want something built like a tank, something you can service and most of all, something built by American hands on American soil.  If this is your demand, then the X9 from Superwinch is your winch.
Built around a massive differential gearbox, the X9 is built at the Superwinch world headquarters in the USA.  Drum fabrication, CNC clean up of critical surfaces, wiring, assembly, powder coating - all done in-house under strict quality controls.  And it's all sourced as local as possible.  The X9 shares many parts with the S9000 winch.
Built to Last Features
  • 12 Volt DC 4.2 horsepower series wound motor
  • 1/4 turn free spooling clutch
  • 38.2 FPM line speed
  • 100 feet of 5/16 cable
  • 15 foot remote control
  • Heavy duty E-clips for max clearance on heavy duty roller fairlead
  • Toyota's choice in Australia for over 10 years
  • Covered by an industry-leading Limited Lifetime /1 Year Electrical Warranty

Expert Review

There's a reason Superwinch has been building this winch for years in the USA: reliability.  If you require a winch that will get a lot of use, will likely get neglected on the service end of things and one that you can live without, step up to the X9.  Here's what we love most about our X9:

  • You can take most of this winch apart with one tool.  That's remarkable!
  • This winch features a differential gearset with fewer parts to go wrong.
  • Rebuildable.  No matter what you do to it, Superwinch has all the parts to put it back together again.
  • See X9 specfications
The Superwinch X9 fits neatly on the fronts of trucks, jeeps, and other vehicles 

What's in the Box

One Superwinch X9 12-Volt DC Electric Winch, mounting hardware, rubberized remote, heavy duty roller fairlead, owners manual.


Is the X9 the right size winch for you?  We can help answer that - click here.  

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Link to owners manual


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