superwinch winch-s9000 int sol 12v w/rf, 1917

Built to Last Features
  • 12 Volt DC 4.2 horsepower series wound motor
  • 1/4 turn free spooling clutch
  • 38.2 FPM line speed
  • 15 foot remote control
  • S3 Sealed Solenoid
  • Heavy duty roller fairlead
  • Covered by an industry-leading Limited Lifetime /3 Year Electrical Warranty

Lots of Pull

Haul and pull heavy loads with ease using the Superwinch S9000 12-Volt DC Electric Winch. Designed to be mounted on the front of a vehicle such as a truck, jeep, or SUV, this winch comes equipped with a 12-volt, 4.2-horsepower motor and a 100-foot wire rope and has a rated line pull capacity of 9,000 pounds for tough jobs.  A protective cover keeps wet weather away from the winch.

The Superwinch S9000 fits neatly on the fronts of trucks, Jeeps, Land Rovers, Toyotas and other off road vehicles.
Made Tough

The Superwinch S9000 12-Volt DC Electric Winch sports a 12-volt, 4.2-horsepower series-wound motor and a 100-foot-long, 5/16-inch-thick wire rope and has a rated line pull capacity of 9,000 pounds on the rope layer closest to the drum. All-metal, two-stage planetary differential gears offer exceptional power and performance. The winch is also equipped with a one-way drag brake designed to stop and hold loads. 

A lever-operated free-spooling clutch lets you disengage the gearbox and allow the wire rope to be pulled out without using electrical power. A spring-loaded drag mechanism reduces backlash and snarling when pulling out the wire rope. A hand-held remote switch on a 15-foot rubber cord makes the winch easy to operate. Other features include a four-way roller fairlead, a heavy-duty clevis -pinned hook, and a fabricated steel drum.


Classic Aluminum Cover - So Tough, You Can Stand On It!

Featuring a durable differential planetary gearbox, the Superwinch S9000 12-Volt DC Electric Winch is built to give you years of safe, dependable service. A cover fully encloses the winch to keep out wet weather. The winch measures 9.56 by 23.56 by 6.75 inches (H x W x D) and weighs 84 pounds.

Customers Say

  • " I love this winch" -J. Amawt
  • "I like thefast unloaded line speed"

Get Grounded

The minimum recommended power sources for this product are a 60 amp alternator and a battery with a capacity of 440 cold-cranking amps. For heavy use, the manufacturer suggests using an auxiliary battery and a heavy-duty alternator with a battery isolator.

The Superwinch S9000 12-Volt DC Electric Winch is backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the winch and a one-year warranty on the solenoid.

What's in the Box

One Superwinch S9000 12-Volt DC Electric Winch


Product Description

The Superwinch S9000 Winch is built to last with their rugged and long lasting differential planetary gearbox, this winch ensures years of dependable service. The Superwinch S9000 Winch comes with a powerful 4.2 horsepower 12 Volt DC motor and a 253:1 3-stage planetary differential gearbox which combines to give you a rated line pull of 9,000 pounds. It features a fast line speed of 38.2 FPM with no load, 1/4 turn free spooling clutch, and a 100 percent load holding brake. It can power-in and power-out the 100 feet of 5/16 inch galvanized wire cable. This winch comes complete with a roller fairlead, 15 foot rubber handheld remote, hand saver strap and heavy duty clevis pinned and latched hook. Superwinch comes with a lifetime warranty on the mechanical components and 1 years on the solenoid.


Rated Line Pull 9,000 lbs (4,082 kgs)
Motor 4.2 hp Series Wound
Gearing Planetary Differential
Gear Ratio 253:1
Solenoid Integrated S3 Solenoid Housed in Aluminum Cover
Clutch Free-Spooling Clutch - 1/4 Turn Activation
Brake Automatic, 100% Full Load Holding
Rope Wire Rope 5/16" x 100' (7.9mm x 30.5m)
Hook Heavy Duty/Clevis Pinned/Latched
Fairlead Heavy-Duty, 4-Way Roller
Remote 15' Hand-Held
Dimensions 23.56" L x 6.75" D x 9.56" H (598mm L x 171mm D x 243mm H)
Drum Diameter 2.5" (64mm)
Drum Length 9.0" (229mm)
Mounting Bolt Pattern 10" x 4.5" (254mm x 114.3mm)
Installed Weight 84.0 lbs (38.1 kgs)
Shipping Weight 96.0 lbs (43.54 kgs)
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty/3 Year on Solenoid
UPC 0 22705 01917 0
Line Pull: 0 lbs 73 Amps Motor Draw / 38.2 FPM (11.6 MPM) Line Speed
Line Pull: 9,000 lbs 420 Amps Motor Draw / 2.5 FPM (0.8 MPM) Line Speed

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