Superwinch SI - Industrial Series of Winches

Superwinch, the largest privately-held winch manufacturer in the world, announced the unveiling of the company’s advances in a new line of winches built expressly for the industrial market.  The company set out to build an amazingly powerful winch that was focused on flexibility, performance and strength.


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The Superwinch SI Series small chassis comes in the following capacities and ratings:

      • 8,000lbs (3628kg), meets both SAE J706 and EN14492
      • 10,000lbs (4535kg) SAE J706
      • 10,000lbs (4535kg) EN14492
      • 12,000lbs (5443kg) SAE J706



The new Superwinch SI Series is designed to be more flexible, modular and easily configurable addressing market needs not serviced by today's industrial winches.  Superwinch engineers found a way to deliver the ultimate in flexibility while insisting on a strong winch that has better braking, faster line speed and higher reliability than anything on the market today.

The gearbox and motor can be rotated (every 22.5 degrees) to accommodate application needs allowing a whole new level of flexibility and proving this is the one winch you need to have on the shelf.



The hydraulic version of the SI Series relies on a 2-stage planetary gear configuration driving a 16:1 ratio.  Superwinch built a grease lubricated system - no oil bath waiting to leak.  

The gearbox features strong all-steel gears, 1-piece cast gear carriers,  and o-rings for extreme sealing.

The Electric version adds a stage to be a 3-stage planetary gear system.


That's all it takes to convert the new SI Series winches from a top-pull clutch to an end-pull.  Flexibility is a standard feature.

The Superwinch SI Series features 8,000 to 18,000 pound capacities; wire or synthetic rope; and hydraulic or electric design rely on the same chassis making it easy for customers to do business. 


Featuring a multi-disc brake, the SI Series takes braking to a whole new level.  The brake is spring-applied and holds full rated load. 

The exclusive design does not add drag or create heat on winch-out.  The release mechanism is hydraulic/electromagnetic.  The hole assembly is dry-no lubrication or fluid changes necessary. 


For even more safety than redundant braking, Superwinch adds a double-hole Rope Anchor System to the drum to secure the winchline.  These twin rope anchors accomodate both right-lay and left-lay wire rope.


Superwinch SI Series features the following winch options:

      • Drum Width:
        • Narrow: 8 inch (20 cm) (136' of 3/8 rope)
        • Standard: 10 inch (25.4 cm) (170' of 3/8" rope)
        • Wide: 12 inch (30.48 cm) (203' of 3/8" rope)
      • Clutch Style:
        • Manual: gearbox top/end pull
        • Air
        • Cable-actuated


Superwinch SI Series Hydraulic versions feature:

      • Positive displacement gear motor
      • load holding counterbalance valves
      • integrated brake valve
      • no changes to convert Clockwise to Counter Clockwise Rotation



Superwinch SI Series Electric versions feature:

      • high speed series would motors
      • heavy duty sealed Albright contactors
      • Remote mountable control pack
      • 12v and 24v models


Superwinch's focus on flexibility extends to mounting - Superwinch SI Series accommodates:


      • Feet Down
      • Feet Forward


      • Feet Forward
      • Feet Down with Front Brace
      • Between Rails



Superwinch SI Series feature the latest in accessories that will help you get the most out of your winch:

      • Roller Fairleads 
        • Narrow Drum (PN S100507)
        • Standard Drum (PN S100506)
        • Wide Drum (PN S100508)
      • Hawse Fairleads
      • Roller Tensioner
        • Narrow Drum (PN S100501)
        • Standard Drum (PN S100500)
        • Wide Drum (PN S100502)
      • Pneumatic Clutch (PN S100512)
      • Remote Cable Clutch (6' [1.8m] PN S102226)
      • Wired Remotes in 20' (6m) and 30' (9.1m)
      • Pulley Block
        • Rated to 36,000lbs (16,329kgs) PN7755
        • Rated to 20,000 (9071 kgs) PN 7750a

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