Superwinch Kangaroo Kinetic Rope, 7/8" X 20', 2590

Superwinch® Kangaroo™ Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope (KERR) was designed to provide a fast and effective recovery of stuck off-road vehicles. It allows quick and easy kinetic recovery of your vehicle out of loose dirt, sand, mud, and snow (also known as snatch recovery).

Superwinch® Kangaroo™ works in the following way: one end of the Kangaroo Rope is connected to the trapped vehicle and the other to the towing vehicle. The towing vehicle accelerates to a maximum speed of 16 MPH (26 KPH), snatching the rope with its energy. The towing vehicle is slowed or halted and its kinetic energy is transferred into potential energy within the stretched rope.

Instruction Manual