Superwinch Certus Wireless for S Series Winch, 06718

New from Superwinch!  If you're driven by a desire to hold complete control of your winch with the convenience of no wires, boy have we got a wireless remote solution for you.


Over two years in development while Superwinch scoured the globe for a wireless remote solution.  Superwinch tested everything on the market and found them all lacking.  The product spec was simple: a wireless remote you can trust.


The result of their work is evident: a wireless system where the remote and recieve actually talk to each other (instead of just one-way communication) meaning an added layer of safety.  Superwinch says the range is 50 feet, but we've used with success at over 100 feet.  We've really been impressed with the system and will be doing a complete review shortly.


World's best wireless winching system as tested by Superwinch Labs, available now. Serious wireless controller for your Superwinch S Seris winch. Exclusive features:

  • Plug and Play compatibility for Superwinch S Series winch (8' harness length)
  • Superior FM Based Signal - Operates from up to 50 feet away
  • Operates on 915 MHz
  • Transmitter and Receiver meet IP67 for weather protection
  • Remote floats in water
  • Made in Italy
  • Operation Temperature Range is -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)

This wireless system works with S Series winches, including the S9000 and also the X9.