Superwinch EXP Series Sneak Peak


It's on.  The battle for the title of Top Winch is on and we've brought our A game while the other guys brought, well, last years model.

EXP is one of the world's most patented winches (we're up to 9 patents filed during development) and we're not taking our foot off the gas for a second.  Built in two variations: a fully integrated design that looks amazing on a Jeep or truck bumper or a non-integrated version that features a removable aluminum electronics box for tighter installation dimensions.  Either way, you're getting the very latest in winching technology to give you rich benefits like:

Here's what makes the Superwinch EXP Series amazing:

Rated to IP 69

We fully pot the electronics (solenoid and circuit board) in a potting compound to eliminate the chance of water, mud, moisture or whatever coming between you and your winching job.  Superwinch is the only manufacturer to pot non-military winches.


Superwinch EXP Comes in 3 capacity options to meet your pulling needs:

  • 8,000lbs - the perfect size for lighter trucks and Jeeps
  • 10,000lbs - a great capacity that's the right answer for armored off road vehicles
  • 12,000lbs - the most pulling power that today's bumpers can handle.

Auto Engage Clutch

Improve your winching experience with the Superwinch EXP Auto Eng
age Clutch. A simple tap on the remote engages the clutch from freespool saving you a trip back to the winch. You'll wonder how you lived with out this awesome feature.

Integrated Wireless

Superwinch made the commitment to users to pot the electronics to keep them safe from contamination, but what about adding an option for wireless remote? Superwinch opted to include the wireless receiver on every EXP (only the remote is optional) to provide maximum durability and protection from the elements. Every Superwinch EXP contains the wireless receiver at no extra charge.

Winch Health Indicator

You can learn a lot about your winch by how it sounds but not everything - that's why Superwinch built in a visual indicator to alert users if motor temperature if amp draw reaches dangerous levels. This Indicator is looking out for you.

Tactile Alerts

As great as a visual indicator may be, Superwinch knows you've got a lot to watch during a pull for safety's sake. That's why Superwinch adds vibration alerts to the EXP wired remote and the EXP wireless remotes. By allowing users to keep their eyes and attention focused on the job at hand, they won't miss notifications from the Winch Health Indicator. Smart, darn smart.

Picatinny Rail Mounts

We love mounting camera's and lights to our vehicles but it's always an afterthought solution. Superwinch added picatinny rails (common on weapons) to the EXP Series to allow owners the chance to easily and securely add accessories as they see fit. Simple and inexpensive.

Brake in Gearbox

You can't beat science - and science says getting heat away from synthetic rope is about the smartest thing you can do. So we did. In fact, Superwinch remains the only major winch maker to build winches without a brake in the rope drum. Superwinch also is the only maker to beef up drums to handle the unique squeezing loads synthetic rope puts on drums that wire rope just doesn't. Science says Superwinch is better.