Power, speed, sealed design, and engineered for synthetic rope, Superwinch Talon Series was designed to push your boundaries.



Talon Disc Brake

Superwinch wanted the Talon Series to be fully capable of using synthetic rope and to do this, that meant moving the heat-inducing brake out of the drum that stores the rope.  The solution is a gearbox end mounted brake that keeps heat away.



Featuring a 2-Stage Spur/2-Stage Plantetary gearbox the Superwinch Talon Series is capable of producing amazing torque while it pushes rated load.



As serious as Superwinch takes brake heat, another difference between wire cable and synthetic rope is what it can do to a drum.  The lower coefficient of friction allows the rope to dive down between layers with ease putting more load on drum flanges and the drum tube.  To counter these, Superwinch fabricates Talon drums from steel with increased wall thickness for added strength.



Solenoids are critical to a high performing winch. Superwinch created their own high performance VS4 Solenoid that's sealed, 3-point stance stabilized, and Gore valve vented.




When your winching falls after dark, you'll be glad for the Superwinch Talon remote with LED lighting to guide your way.  The custom ergonomic remote also features a smart coil cord making for a fast unpack/clean up.


Mounting plates are not included with the winch.

Please click the link below to view available mounting options for this winch: