Introducing the Superwinch EXP Series

The world’s most advanced winch ever created.  Don’t let the good looks fool you, there’s a raging beast of a winch under the hood.

Faster line speeds, lower amp draw plus 100’ of rope and we’re just getting started.

With the EXP Series, Superwinch is busting down doors with a whopping 8 patents filed to protect all the innovation going on in this impressive winch series.


Groundbreaking Superwinch EXP Benefits:


    • Auto-engage clutch – after freespooling your winchline out, there’s no need for another trip back to the winch – simply tap on your winch controller and the EXP automatically goes back into gear.  Smart by design.
      • Futuristic Electronics – Superwinch brings advanced electronics to harness the power of the EXP Series.  With tactile and visual indicators from vibrating remote controls to bright LED lights, Superwinch built an amazing electronics package that includes optional wireless connectivity.
        • Advanced Sealing – Rated to IP69k, Superwinch one-ups the industry with fully potted electronics.  Superwinch took hard won lessons from making winches for the US Military and encapsulated critical electronics in potting material insuring long life and eliminating corrosion.
          • Auto-off.  If forgetting to turn things off is your thing, Superwinch has your back – we’ve integrated a timer into our wireless protocol automatically shutting them down saving critical battery strength.
            • Auxiliary Power Ports – Since your winch is already wired for significant loads, why not take advantage of all that power?  Check out the Superwinch auxiliary fused power ports capable of running lights or air compressors - it’s power where you need it.
              • New!  Picatinny rails included – Superwinch integrated accessory mounting Picatinny rails on the EXP Series for users to mount lights, camera’s almost anything.
                • Best for synthetic rope – Superwinch tunes the drum, winch brake and hawse specifically for behavior of synthetic rope.  Our R&D teams provide critical feedback allowing Superwinch to provide the best platform for synthetic rope.
                • Warning lights – Built into the EXP and potted deep on the circuit board is logic to alert users to overloading conditions.  If the EXP draws abnormal high amps, the light will turn red alerting all of danger before the winch suffers.
                • Task lighting – Cool blue LEDs lead users to sockets and power ports on integrated models making for easier night operation.

                Built in three capacities: 8,000, 10,000 and 12,000lbs, there’s an EXP to suit your pulling needs.  

                Users can take advantage of two rope types: synthetic or wire to suit their style.  Further, Superwinch built two versions, a centered (or integrated) design and a non-integrated as a difficult-to-fit installation solution.  Choose your adventure below.