Superwinch Unveils Patent Pending Accessory Mounts

July 27, 2017

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Superwinch Unveils Patent Pending Accessory Mounts


Superwinch, the largest privately-held winch manufacturer in the world, announced the unveiling of the company’s pending patent for a platform for mounting accessories to a winch.  The feature is one of the key benefits of the company’s new Superwinch EXP Series.


Often consumers install lights, cameras and more to the front of their vehicles with winches.  Doing so often obstructs view of the winch drum, which is detrimental to safe winching.  Superwinch’s solution mounts picatinny rails to the winch and accessories can mount securely and easily to the winch without obstructing views of the drum.


“Our rail mounts provide a simple way to mount accessories that consumers love,” says Superwinch VP of Sales and Marketing, Scott Salmon. “From camera’s to lights to almost anything you can come up with, Superwinch has a way to mount it.”


The Superwinch EXP Series features 8,000, 10,000 and 12,000 pound capacities; wire or synthetic rope; and integrated design or non-integrated design for remote solenoid box installations.  

About Superwinch

Superwinch’s 45 years of experience is unmatched in engineering, designing, building and testing winches for recreation, recovery, industrial, utility and military pursuits. Superwinch's global manufacturing facilities have grown to manufacture a broad range of winches; from electric to hydraulic, worm gear to planetary gear, and lead the marketing in advanced winching control. 


Superwinch 1,000 to 50,000 pound capacity winches can be found in diverse industries and applications across the globe sharing Superwinch's trademark first class design, quality, value and solid construction for safe, simple and reliable operation. Learn more at




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