Superwinch Support Goes Beyond The Call

July 27, 2017


Press #7 if you are calling from atop a pine tree

The call came in at the end of the shift.  A broken “hello” and then click, the line went dead.  This repeated 3 times.  The fourth call ended with a garbled “help”.

 “What makes my day is actually helping someone.  Sure, we handle all kinds of calls at Superwinch but for me, when there’s a wincher in trouble and my knowledge can get him home safe, I am reminded why I love this job,” says Superwinch customer service tech Jason Stanton.

Jason was manning the phone this day and repeatedly called the number hoping to get through.  It took 4 attempts.  “I was thinking his phone died or the guy had given up,” said Jason.

This was the man’s 3rd call to a winch manufacturer.  His first, to the supposed manufacturer of his winch didn’t answer his call.  His next call to another manufacturer, resulted in a refusal for help.  When he got through to Superwinch, he quickly explained he was out of range and calling from the top of a pine tree he climbed to get a signal.

His rig had become stuck and the winch wasn’t running.  The sun was setting and it was too far to hike down the logging road to help.  He needed the winch to pull him out and needed someone to guide him through a field repair this winch.

Without hesitation, Jason rattled off a few things to try.  Though Jason’s shift was ending, he gave the caller his personal cell phone number should they need a different solution.  The two traded more calls with a final one from the wincher upon his triumphant return to civilization and cell phone coverage.

The solution for this particular case was bypassing the solenoid and jumping direct from the battery to the motor studs.  We note here, this is a move of desperation and should not be attempted lightly.


Superwinch is incredibly proud of Jason and level of service we offer on a daily basis.